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Since then a number of scholars have contested our arguments for this dating, most recently O. Zuckerman.1 It is not our purpose here to rehearse all the details - yet again!

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I’m off to Alabama next week for Christmas – lots to do and little time before departure, and I really do want to and must say a few words about the Lalonde acquittal. Those are, witness below, exactly the same words he wrote in in the 1955 edition of The Crusader, the yearbook for Assumption College School in Windsor, Ontario:(4) MR. He was defrocked/laicized: 05 November 2017: Statement from the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador Re George Smith It is always a comfort to learn that a clerical sexual predator has been “defrocked” and no longer sullies the ranks of the priesthood by his presence.

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They have also obtained access to at least one email account, an official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation.

I use the investing features which are only available with Quicken Premier so that’s the only version I’m interested in.

Marianne Faithfull Sixties icon Marianne Faithfull explores thevery interesting ancestorial life of her half-Jewish mother, Eva, part of the artistically adventurous scene in 1920s Berlin: “what a woman, I had no idea.” John Simpson Knowing his lineage was entwined with that of Wild West entertainer and flying pioneer Samuel Cody, the journalist is amazed to discover the true relationship, and gain a better perspective on his great-grandmother: “She was a heroine in her own right.” From newscasting to family history, a great story is told in this episode.