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We have some useful tools and guides available to download from our website at Budgeting Tool, Family-based arrangement form, Maintenance Calculator, Leaflets and Guides - Child Maintenance Options, which may help your partner and his ex agree a family-based arrangement.

If your partner and his ex are unable to agree something together or a family-based arrangement is not suitable, they may still have the option of using the statutory scheme through the Child Maintenance Service.

The Child Maintenance Service takes shared care into account in different ways depending on the paying parents child maintenance rate.

Shared care applies if the paying parent provides overnight care for at least 52 nights per year before a liability will be reduced.

This is based on the agreement with the receiving parent and or evidence.

Shared care is usually determined over a twelve month basis, but shorter periods can be considered in appropriate cases.

I won't go into this too much as I posted about this before.

The paying parent also does not have to pay child maintenance for any other qualifying children who live in the same household as that child with shared care.It might even be fair enough to pay her maintenance for the weeks that the kids are with her but surely it can't be right that we will be paying her maintenance over costs she isn't making when the kids are with us?! We buy the girls clothes, presents, birthday parties etc.We will also now be solely responsible for paying for the child psychologist for the eldest as mum doesn't want to pay etc. Hi Anoek W Thanks for your post, Im Sarah the Child Maintenance Options consultant.The pair made no attempt to hide their inappropriate antics, as they continued to grope and fondle each other on the public service.Witnesses have been urged to come forward after the pair were caught in the act 30 minutes into the journey.

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