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She repeated the success with her second book, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, which also went on to sell over 100,000 copies by August 2017.She won the Crossword Book Award 2016 for Mrs Funnybones.Now Yogi's status in the marriage is reduced to that of a butler at home.Yet Yogi still has aspirations for more hanky panky if the right opportunity comes along.Vikram, on the other hand, maintains a strict hand on his wife and treats her condescendingly most of the time.Raj is in good shape, as Sanjana is quite gullible and suspects nothing.

She won the Outlook Award in 2016 for the most inspiring woman of the year.

Similar to The Seven Samurai in story, Twinkle Khanna recently launched her production house Mrs. As per reports, her venture will produce both off-beat and mainstream movies.

In 1996, Khanna campaigned for her father's election in New Delhi (Lok Sabha constituency).

India magazine's Visionary woman of the year as well as the Vogue Opinion Maker Of the Year.

After leaving the acting profession in the same year, she ventured into interior designing and is the co-owner of The White Window, a chain of interior designing stores which operates in Mumbai.

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