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Of course, some canonical works, especially Boys Love and those with a Cast Full of Pretty Boys, invite such reading by playing the ambiguity for all its worth.It's also common to (sexually) pair characters who are nemeses in the source material, in Fan Fic's own version of Slap-Slap-Kiss, Foe Yay and The Masochism Tango.But it's the soft blue hue and traces of shine like glitter that makes him stop and gaze. Will he fail to win Tommy Ratliff's heart if he attempts this list? The more lopsided the male-to-female ratio in the original work, the more common it is to have slash pairings rather than straight pairings in the fandom.Slash is often also used to pair up Heterosexual Life-Partners.The origin of the term predates the World Wide Web, going back to 1960s fanfic writers, specifically those interested in , who wrote "Kirk/Spock" fiction, pronounced "Kirk Slash Spock". " "No thank you Mr.butler," said Stephen Colbert "But you can help me with this":(makes unzipping fly motion) Zip! and I'm going to stop there, bcause you don't need to carry around in my head, what I carry around in mine!

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Even Kara Dio Guardi doubts that Adam was ever actually in the closet. ADOMMY/LAMBLIFFCollab: Adam Lambert stumbles across a list that can capture a male's heart in 25 acts. But Adam gives Tommy more than just lessons for school, like maybe a kid? Adam on the other hand has no idea that Tommy is fighting with himself over what he feels towards the famous singer... And he gets some alone time with his secret boyfriend... However, Adam only thinks of Tommy as a sex toy, but Tommy wants it to be more then just a daily screw... Tommy Ratliff needs tutoring, but he wasn't expecting his pretty and popular tormentor, Adam Lambert, to be in his room teaching him. WARNING: DRUGSTommy Ratliff denies having any feelings towards Adam Lambert, even though he's clearly attracted towards him. Adam Lambert finally gets that Hawaiian vacation he's been dying for. Adam is making beautiful music with 24-year-old artist and interior designer Drake La Bry, say sources.TV audiences and the entire entertainment world were stunned when super-talented 27-year-old singer was beaten by Arkansas native Kris Allen, 23, in the “Idol” finals – but Adam couldn’t be happier.

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