Compaq 1245 updating to win98 se

I've just bought this Compaq 1245 Presario with Win 98 FE used laptop without the restore CD of anything else for that matter, and it will boot only in safe mode and the explorer(start\right click) access is grayed out, so I can't get to explorer. I was able to load explorer and inspect partition d: it's a 460 megs of compressed files I'm quite sure that this drive contain the whole thing plus there is a bootdisk file I guess to be loaded to a floppy,but this bootdisk file is almost 2 megs of stuff and most floppy's are 1.44 megs, I found a few 2 megs floppy's but they are now formatted to 1.44, can it be reformatted to the original 2 megs, I guess if can I do that I'll probably will be able to restore this thing with this compaq bootdisk. I just expect it to be bad for old drivers support, I bought this same laptop for my fiance to work on, its a great little laptop, I have it running XP with no problems.

'Cause when I try to restore from the explorer floppy #1, it ask to insert cd or disk #1 is at this point that I've to have the second floppy to get the restoration to commence See if you can help on this one.

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