Dating scam checker thoughtful card ideas for someone who you just started dating

Blocked card right away but charge still showed up.Charge is different amount than the actual email confirmation I got. I was busy and had the Kate Spade website on my computer.The address for the online retailer is in Florida but this charge comes from China.

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One mis-strike example includes a 2p with a mistake dating back to 1983 which can fetch more than £700.Ive emailed them and no reply and cant find the site anymore the email i got have me a link that doesnt come up. the website showed as a UK shop and the charge was in china's currency.. Supposedly they were submitted for delivery 12/15 in NY but with the tracking number they supplied, the package has not moved since 12/15.Same here-ordered a coat- and was charged, with no info on order. Hi, I just want to report a website that scams people who use secure payment , they are called and use AIP * TOZECSD LTD to charge people, AIP * TOZECSD LTD but try to inform you about the company so that I can prevent people from being scamed. This is a Christmas gift and here it is 12/21 and it is not even en route apparently! Ordered a football jersey for my son for Christmas from and received this as the description for the charge on my bank statement.They guys are really good in re-creating the Ray Ban website and e-commerrce shopping cart. I also ordered a football Jersey for my grandson from fans team shop and received this as the description for the charge on my bank statement. This site must have popped up, so I thought all along that I was ordering directly from Kate Spade! Compra el día artículo por 38 € el carho de bjdzterda tech por 52,62€ indican gastos operación transfronteriza. Yes you may have ordered a free trial of Claire Hydrafirm Cream 1oz.I ordered 9 handbags on 11/30 as gifts, and received zero! Se pregunta en 2 ocasiones cuando llegará el artículo. Temo estafa I BOUGHT A PAIR OF CAMEL ACTIVE 12 LEATHER SHOES, FOR 69,7 EUROS, FROM ELMERCADODEVELAZQRUEZ. APPEARED ON MY CREDIT CARD STATEMENT WHICH EXCEEDED 69,7EUROS. I KEPT SENDING THEM MESSAGES AND MAILS AND THEY KEPT ANSWERING ABOUT OTHER THINGS BUT WERE NOT ANSWERING MY QUESTION..2NDLY AFTER ABOUT 15 DAYS I RECEIVED A PAIR OF SHOES WHICH WERE NOT WHAT I'VE ORDERED. Their email on delivery say charges will be made under TOTALLIFESERVICES, COMThe say read terms and conditions with regards to this free trial, but I certainly did not see that product (1 oz hydrafirm cream) was to be returned either when I ordered or in any of their me its a scam which I have reported to my bank and I will also take this to trading standards.

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