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A romance scam, dating scam or catfishing is a swindle where someone tries to lure another into giving them money through a dating site, email romance, or otherwise dating-related contact.

At the highly regarded Harvard Business School, “participation often accounts for 50% of the total course grade.” Why might including participation as a portion of a student’s grade be tricky and particularly difficult for introverted learners?

A classroom participation grade generally rewards students who are active communicators.

In fact, the problem is worse in smaller cities such as Oklahoma City, Omaha, Des Moines, Las Vegas and Sacramento, than it is in large cities like New York or Detroit.

If you are concerned that you are currently being scammed, please check the Signs of a Dating Scam, first.

This article focuses on the folks who have already fallen prey to a dating scam, and what they can do about it.

Still others have drawn conclusions from their own experience and offered these for general use (see the posting of Standfree).

After a slow start, the discussion took off and now has 14,000 comments, or about four a day.

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