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Its emphasis is education in japanese rope bondage and has workshops and parties Ticklers Revenge is your one-stop-shop to enjoy BDSM / kink-fetish parties with emphasis on tickling. Tickle the live action models &/or they can tickle you!

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Nice black sneakers are okay, dress slacks, dress shirts, or suits. Memberships are .95 per month plus a .95 one time charge. Comming events are announced on the Den of Iniquity's Calendar.

Please include in any request the web site or web page URL of the event where up to date information is available and independent verification can be done.

Also needed are any memberships that are required to attend and the age restrictions. A listing of major many day events that attract throughout the USA and worldwide is on the National Fetish Scene page (inside USA) and the International Fetish Scene page (outside USA).

These parties are not a place for those who are uncomfortable with being watched while at play.

Please visit the Bailey for other information resources at the Hidden Castle.

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