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Generally rooms will be comfortable with en suite facilities.Moderate pace tours are ideal if you want a holiday which combines exciting activities and experiences with plenty of time to relax and unwind.We stay with local families within a village, and your tour leader will brief you on local customs and traditions.It is a great opportunity to spend time learning about the real life of Keralans as well as an opportunity to sample some delicious home cooking - perhaps a spicy coconut curry.Our route this morning takes us past rubber plantations and varied spice gardens to Periyar wildlife sanctuary, close to the border with Tamil Nadu.One of 16 tiger reserves in India, Periyar is it is perhaps better known for its elephants.We rarely have groups that are smaller than five or six people and the average is 12 people plus an Explore leader.

The dancers can take up to three hours painting their faces - the features are heavily emphasised as it is the facial expressions and co-ordinated eye movements which are important in the dance.Along the way we discover colonial Kochi and spend a night in a family run homestay.Our standard, mid-range accommodation offers a good level of service, often with other amenities such as a restaurant, bar, garden or swimming pool.Therefore at ground level, there are abundant ferns, orchid and airplants- plants which need little light to survive.Leaving the park we head back towards the coast and our homestay for the next two nights.

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