London ontario nudes

The artistic creation of Degas and the main themes (notably drawing and dance) of the exhibition are explored through extracts of texts (published in 1937) by his friend and artist Paul Valéry, in resonance with his artistic works.

This tribute offers a new perspective on the personality of Degas and his art.

The darkness of the venue, the bamboo partitions and the strategically designed wooden furniture help maintain some dignity.

You may be forgiven for not wanting to stay indoors when the golden leaves of autumn paint such a pretty picture outside…

The Finnish Museum of Photography is holding an exhibition that will celebrate the hundred-year history of photographic abstraction, open from the 1st of November.

This exhibition will present a large number of Finnish artists from different periods, as well as the famous international early abstractionists László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray and August Strindberg.

The five-course menu costs about 0 without drinks but including the gown and slippers.

The Bauhaus-Archiv photography collection’s holdings related to the New Bauhaus and to the Institute of Design and this anniversary has provided an occasion for presenting them.

Discover that famous ‘glimmer’ that his paintings exude and that reflects his genius.

Bridgeman has licensed images for the exhibition catalogue, flyer and promotional material.

With 12 nudes on display, this is the largest group ever reunited in the UK.

These sensuous works proved controversial when they were first shown in 1917, leading police to censor his only ever solo exhibition on the grounds of indecency.

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