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[more] The Nigerian relay scam is fairly old news, dating back to 2002 when the IP Relay program was launched.Attracted by the prospect of making free calls to unsuspecting American victims, scammers based in Nigeria took advantage of the IP-relay services to target Americans.With news that the FCC is suing AT&T over “deaf calling service fraud,” we asked Michael Janger, who wrote “Baby Boomers: The New Disability Market” for us in December, for comment and context.Michael writes: In the wake of the 2009 arrests of 26 people for Video Relay Services (VRS) fraud and their resulting convictions, the Federal Communications Commission implemented procedures for stronger oversight of its Telecommunication Relay Services program for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.After the rebranding the old site will become “like a partner” of the new resource.Mamba, founded in 2002, currently has 12 million users.

In Russia Mamba and Wamba will operate alongside one another.

And when the money collected is from the Federal Government, repercussions inevitably follow.

By doing lip service to FCC regulations, as AT&T press release implied, rather than going beyond and ensuring that deaf consumers are satisfied with their phone calls, as most other relay service providers are doing, AT&T risks significant damage to its brand.

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