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And this toxic training begins for most men at a very young age. John remembers seeing porn for the first time when he was 10 years old. “So when you’re 12 and 13 and you’re not married, you think when you become married, that this whole habit you’ve created for yourself will just go away because now you’ll have a sex partner,” John says.“But the problem is, it’s not actually a sexual experience, it’s a experience that your body gets trained for.So now, the reality of the marriage isn’t the fantasy.” Feminist author Naomi Wolf puts it best.She believes the onslaught of porn doesn’t increase but deadens male libido, leading men to see fewer and fewer women as porn-worthy.Manning, “how many times I encounter derogatory beliefs about this group of women, beliefs that dismiss the magnitude of the issue and the legitimacy of it, by framing them as pathological, overreacting, and frigid women who need to lighten up. ’” Some women, in fact, have “lightened up.” Not all wives react negatively to their husbands using pornography.Ana Bridges from University of Arkansas’ psychology department says in her own research she has met many women who have justified their husbands’ behavior.Why would Peter Cook spend ,000 on Internet porn when he could come home to Christie Brinkley?

So, what if, just for a minute, we asked ourselves how our relationships look if we didn’t live in a pornified culture.

Others train their minds to be turned on by certain physical characteristics.

Others train their minds to expect variety: many images, many women, many physical types.

Jill Manning spoke about the impact pornography can have on wives.

“It has been troubling and intriguing to me,” reports Dr.

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