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I left it and I haven’t asked her anything more about that.

We left our home and started driving to Vinod’s home and I started dreaming about Harini and how I should treat her in my home and started coining the dialogues that I needs to say her.

Netizens who saw the footage dubbed the strange-looking creatures aliens as they look so odd and are standing upright.

But curator of the Nehru Zoological Park Shivani Dongre explained to Indian media: 'They are a beautiful species which are distributed southwards from central India.

'As it was a construction site, the birds were on a flat surface.

If they had a surface to grip on, we could have seen them perch.' The birds in the video are thought to be eastern barn owls (Tyto javanica), a species closely related to the western barn owls (Tyto Alba) often seen in Britain and the rest of Europe.

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When birds get attention, they tend to be observant in behaviour, which is probably why the birds look alarmed.

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I’ve also dressed well with my favorite T-Shirt and jeans and got ready to leave to Vinod’s home.

Harini has packed all her dresses in stroller suit case and also she packed some fruits and some other eatables in a separate bag and when I enquired about it she blushed and said “don’t ask it”.

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