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So the question becomes how to attack high-volume keywords within your search marketing campaign. Popular keywords are often the most expensive keywords.

This is because, as we mentioned, the traffic-driving keywords aren't a secret.

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Popular keywords and high-volume key phrases seem pretty straightforward, from a search perspective.

To further improve and optimize our platform we’ve developed a survey which takes 2 minutes at the most to complete.If you’re single and ready to mingle, then you should probably eliminate the word “romantic” from your vocabulary. Of the top five keywords that lead to rejection, four are adjectives that describe a man. Turns out, us ladies are immediately turned off by a guy if he’s a self-proclaimed romantic. We conducted a study that found “romantic” made women turn a cold shoulder the most, with 43 percent of the rejected profiles including this word.The Quality Score algorithm is based on a few core elements, and they all revolve around relevance.To improve the relevance (and lower the cost) of your keywords, it’s important to: Let's imagine we're running a website that sells electronic gadgets.

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