Rick holland dating series

He had this amazing childlike quality about him which was very endearing. It feels like such a betrayal.‘He always said his children were his priority and that they would always be looked after, but now he’s left it so that the roof over their heads could be taken away.‘I long to ask him why he has done this, but of course I can’t.

For Lyndsay is learning far more about her reckless rock star husband in death than she ever did in life – and the startling revelations have left her reeling.‘I’m going to have to take the children out of their private school and get a job.’The family home, purchased a few years ago for £1.3 million, is half-owned by Lyndsay but it has a £600,000 mortgage and the estate agency they set up together is struggling because of Spain’s property crash.‘I am shocked to find myself with no financial means to look after myself and my children,’ continues Lyndsay.‘No one has given me a full account of where all the money went.‘I cannot pay my children’s school fees and we’d have no food without my mother’s pension.’As for his prized personal possessions, she says: ‘My children, it seems, are to be left with no mementoes of the father they have lost so early in life.’So how could his life have ended this way?With more than 60 chart hits including the classic Rockin’ All Over the World, Status Quo is one of the most popular and enduring British bands in history.There is, for example, the £10 million inheritance he reportedly left his four children.Lyndsay now wants to make abundantly clear, however, that there is no money.‘He has left me nothing,’ she says, simply.

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