Ryan gosling dating perez hilton

Insisted on drastic changes so that he would no longer have the privilege of being associated with her and she would no longer have to be reminded of him. Creative differences are always the official reason.

He was featured in a recently released Spotify ad celebrating the singer’s streaming success with an animated Ginger Ed Man singing “Perfect,” but things end on a crunchy note for the cookie.Continue Reading → Selena Gomez’s family has no love for Justin Bieber.That much was clear thanks to anonymous sources who called him “vile” and said that Selena’s decision to reunite with him was “not only disrespectful to everyone around her, it is disrespectful to herself.” After reports that fighting with Selena about Justin sent her mom Mandy Teefey to the hospital last week, another insider is speaking to clarify what’s really going on.Continue Reading → Monday marked a year since Camila Cabello was unceremoniously kicked out of Fifth Harmony.With the strong financial backing of her label and one successful single “Havana” the singer has worked hard to prove she is much better off without her flopping girl group.

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