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"You f***** up, it's over," Thompson said, according to Elliott.

"I'm going to ruin your career, no one's going to believe you.

Broward’s school district is the sixth largest in the nation.

Studies have shown that students who are equipped with medically accurate information are more likely to remain abstinent.

Elliott attorney Scott Rosenblum: “Were you within ear shot or did you watch her have a conversation with the police officers?

They talked about him spanking her, choking her in bed when asked, and even mentioned that Thompson had texted pictures of her bruised inner thighs to friends after a love-making session with Zeke.

A friend of Thompson, Ayrin Mason, said, "Tiffany sent snapshots before of bruises on the inside of her thighs and she said the sex was rough, lol." Zeke admitted in the proceedings that Thompson was pregnant with their child in February, 2016, later aborting it when he convinced her they weren't ready to be parents.

" Elliott: “I did." Rosenblum: “Did you notice anything about her demeanor when she was talking to the police officers?

” Elliott: “She was literally looking at me, literally started smiling and laughing." Another time, July 22, 2016, the last time they were together, Elliott says she threatened him in front of a group of about 10-15 people celebrating his 21st birthday.

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