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Force and coercion will always eventually end the same way.Freedom of association is the only way human beings were meant to interact.Up until now, these public pensions have been covered by stealing money set aside for future generations to cover current claims.It’s a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, and one that’s non-optional to participate in.However, few really celebrate this aspect of their heritage.

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But SGTReport is predicting that other states will fall just as quickly, and you won’t be surprised in the least when your hear which ones are doomed to suffer an economic collapse soon.

Left-leaning policies, such as communism and it’s little cousin, socialism always fail because eventually, politicians run out of other people’s money.

People also want to be free, and those in Illinois are quickly discovering that instead of freedom, they have government promises and intervention laced with massive taxation (theft).

The state of Illinois doesn’t have a monopoly on ignorant, power hungry, or corrupt politicians, and that’s why the warning is going to California and New Jersey.

Since the end of World War II, those ignorant politicians have been promising American Baby Boomers more and more entitlements while never collecting nearly enough money (stealing enough from others in the form of taxation) to cover them all, and it all began with the Ponzi scheme of social security.

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