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22 March 2009 -- I have been away from FFXI for the past several months.I intend to do a major update on this guide in the near future. Gonna be starting up again tonight and continuing with this page.Gotta get back in the groove for when FFXIV comes out! Wow, this game had changed so incredibly much since I last played 2.5 years ago.5 August 2010 -- Major update - Endgame content added, job abilities updated, and new spells added to the list! I'm looking forward to revamping much of the outdated information in this guide... The White Mage class is not something to be trifled with.Another big thing about being a good White Mage, as could be said just to be a good overall player, is be courteous.So much can be said for a simple "Thank You" or taking communication a step further." People will be more open to you doing things like this if you ask versus just saying "I felt like leveling Club." Building good character relations will get you more, and faster, party invites because others will understand you are a mature player that knows what they are doing.

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16 June 2008 -- Alamaxia: 1 --- Maat: 0 08 July 2008 -- Alamaxia WHM75/SMN37 23 August 2008 -- Been a while since last update. 27 August 2008 -- Various sections updated in the Subjob Section and the Skilling Up Your Magic section.

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Go to your favorite starting area, and pick on the small ones.

You can take Even Match up until about level 3, then you must resort to killing mainly Decent Challenge or Easy Prey as your melee abilities are about that of a clam.

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