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Conversations started turning to what required us to set our DVRs and when the Ramones-cameo episode ("Rosebud," for those of you playing at home) would grace our screens.And that led to an even more important conversation: Of the 552 episodes we'd be watching over the next 12 days, which would you show to the few who remain unconverted to the show's genius?Best Line: "Seems like I'm spending all my money on religious pay-per-view, or as I like to call it, ." "Damn your sparkling wordplay! ' Bart's Comet' Season: 6Bart discovers a comet, allowing him entry into the geek crew known as the Super Friends.Once it's headed on a collision course with Earth.Forget classified personals, speed dating, or other Indianapolis dating sites or chat rooms, you've found the best!marathon — as in airing all 552 episodes consecutively, from August 21st through Labor Day — there was much rejoicing among those of us who have spent nearly as much time in Springfield as we have in our own actual hometowns.Professor Frink plans to destroy the comet with a rocket, but fails.The Simpsons head to the Flanders' bomb shelter, the rest of the town joins, and the comet breaks up. ' The Two Nashaspeemapetilons' Season: 9Apu gets into Springfield's singles scene and, in order to get out of an arranged marriage, lies to his mom about already being married; when the elder Mrs.

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Best Visual Gag: Disco Stu snorts sugar through a dollar bill, throws himself a dance party." "It's you." episode to air on TV begins at a Springfield Elementary Christmas pageant.Bart gets a tattoo, and the laser-removal costs the family Christmas money.Best Line: "Kids, today we have to talk about Krusty Brand Chew Goo Gum-Like Substance..knew it contained spider eggs, but the Honda Virus? ' Behind the Laughter' Season: 11The Simpsons get a tell-all special, where what we've been watching has actually been a TV show cooked up by Homer.Dad gets addicted to painkillers, the family fail to pay their taxes, and fame starts to sour. Best Visual Gag: Fox's failed Bart Simpson T-shirts — "You bet your sweet bippy, man" and "Life begins at conception, man." Best Line: "And that horrible act of child abuse became one of our most beloved running gags."147.

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