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Charges Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, Cameras, etc safely & effectively. V-1000: Fast-smart charger for AA and AAA batteries. Has 8-Pin lightning connector at one end, USB2.0 at other end. Redeemable Online, by Phone order, or by Mail order.

SALE - Power Bank 2600: 5VDC 2600m Ah Li-ION Backup Battery Charger - READY TO USE! Charges Ni MH and Ni Cd cells; charges 2 or 4 at a time. Genuine Apple product; certified; works for all Apple device operating systems. Apple Charging & Data cable - for i Phones, i Pads. BQ-CC17-AAA950‏ : VALUE PACKAGE - Smart Charger & 4 x AAA 950m Ah eneloop pro READY-TO-USE rechargeable Ni MH batteries.

If you think this is fake please call customer support on this number: 316-XXX-XXXX Thank you for choosing Facebook as your social media app. Chat Conversation End This form of leg pull began its life on the Internet in December 1999 with a jape that targeted users of the free Hotmail e-mail service. If Hotmail (or any other service) wanted to know whether subscribers were using their accounts, why would it gather that information by having those folks forward a message to other users of the same service?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply instruct them to reply to the message?

Includes USB2.0-to-micro USB cable, AND includes Adapter: micro USB to 8-Pin lightning connector (for apple) 4.8 volt 2000m Ah SANYO eneloop AA high-capacity receiver packs. UB1280: 12 volt 8.0Ah rechargeable sealed lead battery. Used in emergency lighting, UPS backup, medical, etc.

BP-120xe: 4.8 volt 2100m Ah ENELOOP Ni-MH battery for Bearcat, Uniden, Sport Cat, Trunk Tracker, Trunk Tracker II, BC120, BC220, BC230, BC235, BC245, BC250D, BC296D, BC120LXT, BC235XLT, BC245XLT, SC150, SC180, SC200; Radio Shack Pro90. Has 2 grounded 3-prong 115VAC power outlets, as well as 2 USB2.0 outlets (2.1 Amps each). Power Bank 12K3 : 12,000m Ah rechargeable Li-ION Power Bank with 3 outputs: USB2.0 for phones; USB2.0 for Tablets; micro USB for phones & Tablets. Replaces most 12V 7Ah, 7.2Ah, & 7.5Ah sealed-lead type batteries.

Smart Charger has 4 separate charging channels - each cell is charged individually. DC-USB3 1: Vehicle Charger for Phones, Tablets, GPS, computers. Has built-in 3200m Ah rechargeable Li-Po battery inside. There are thousands of battery products to choose from.

The users who receive this email and do not forward it to at least 15 people will be charged a fee of .00 per month.Hotmail is owned by Microsoft and has for free from any computer connected to the Internet.Company officials say that contrary to the hoax’s claim, it’s not bogging down and is in fact in great health.A graphical version of the “you must forward this message to Dear Hotmail User, We understand that you have previously recieved many messages that have state the colising of accounts not being used within our servers. Within this message is encoded a small program that will located and debug your account when sent to fifteen other Hotmail users.If you do not send this message to fifteen Hotmail users within of recieving this message, your account will be PERMANETLY SHUT-DOWN.

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