Who is rani mukherjee dating 2016

Sadhana’s wispy micro fringe gave a seductive but sweet look to her character in Waqt.

Others have also tried to recreate the look, but none have come close to the impact that this style had over people.

The urban youth look portrayed by Aamir Khan was so stylish that swept through the young populace.

Soon enough, the coming-of-age movie made the goatee and spiky hairstyle a popular choice and quite a strong fashion statement among movie lovers.

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He is the first star from Bollywood to start the long hair trend and the youth went gaga over the look.

In effect, many women queued up to salons to get their hair straightened, too!

Aamir's goatee that he sported in Dil Chahta Hai was perhaps his most trendsetting look.

Mukerji is one of the best-known and most high-profile celebrities in India; from 2004 to 2007 shewas frequently listed as one of the most popular and attractive Indian celebrities, was one of the highestpaid actresses in Bollywood, and the brand ambassador for a number of products.

Although Mukerji was born into the Mukherjee-Samarth family, in which her parents and relativeswere members of the Indian film industry, she did not aspire to pursue a career in film.

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